Dear Sirs,

notice is given hereby that Wind Jet S.p.A., an Italian company which applied for a procedure of judicial arrangement with creditors (namely “concordato preventivo”), whose proposal of settlement has been approved by the majority of creditors and then homologated by the Court of Catania on 23 December 2013, intend to carry out the sale by means of private negotiation of the assets belonging to its technical warehouse (hereinafter the “Stock”), as better described in the attachments hereto.

As part of the proposal of settlement, the Stock has been entirely assigned by Wind Jet S.p.A. has been assigned to its creditors, duly represented by Mr. Andrea Musumeci, as Trustee.

The Stock has an overall value of US$ 4,75 million, as assessed by an appraiser appointed within the abovementioned judicial procedure. The abovementioned amount has been determined considering the Stock in the aggregate and not the value of each single part or component, whose specific value is quoted in the attachments hereto.

Any interested party in the purchase of the overall Stock, or just single spare parts and/or components of Stock or group(s) of them, may require more information and/or data and/or documents in relation thereto by sending a request via e-mail to the following address: and may also be granted with physical inspection of the goods of interest, if required.

Any prospective offer for the purchase of the entire Stock may not be lower than the amount of US$ 4,75 million, whilst offers in respect of single spare parts and/or components, or groups of them, may include a discount to their appraised value according to the following parameters:

       - from #1 to #30 parts/components a discount of 10% of the overall value of all such parts/components;

       - from #31 to #60 parts/components a discount of 15% of the overall value of all such parts/components; and

       - from #61 to #90 parts/components a discount of 20% of the overall value of all such parts/components

The Trustee shall be free to accept or not accept, at its own and absolute discretion, any offer received.

Should the offer be accepted, the sale and purchase of the Stock, or the single spare parts and components, shall be finalised only with the payment by the prospective buyer of the entire purchase price by bank wire transfer of immediately available funds.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any query or need any clarification with respect to this notice.

List 1° Inventory List 2° Inventory List 3° Inventory List 4° Inventory


Si comunica che è stato costituito presso la Banca Credito Etneo, filiale di Catania, via C. Beccaria 1, un deposito finalizzato al pagamento dei creditori che non hanno ricevuto la prima rata relativa ai crediti vantati verso il concordato Wind Jet. Si invitano detti creditori a contattare il liquidatore giudiziale presso il seguente indirizzo, al fine di provvedere al pagamento di quanto dovuto.

Il Commissario Liquidatore

Avv. Andrea Musumeci